Pokanalysis analyses first generation Pokémon ROMS… At least Red and BlueUS. ☺

It's a totally useless application (unless you are just curious about the game) since you can't edit the ROM with it. I insist on it: Pokanalysis is a VIEWER, not an editor.

Also, you won't find any ROM here.


Pokédex (Sandshrew) Area (Cerulean city) Viridian city Wild Pokémon in Safari Erika trainer Disassembler (Pallet town script)

Current features

And also:


How to build & use

% tar -zxf pokanalysis-*.tar.gz
% cd pokanalysis-*
% make
% ./pokanalysis.py /path/to/your/pokemon/rom.gb


The best way to contact me directly is to use jabber (u, at pkh.me), or ubitux on IRC (see you on freenode)

Latest project source tree is available at Github. Feel free to send patches, docs and kisses


GPL v3.

TODO ideas